HOT SALON is a contemporary relevance nail salon
Created by multidisciplinary artist
Ruta Matuleviciute, the salon is a unique artwork with practical function.
It's real and we can have a deal! €€
♛ Make a statement on most important world issues
♛ Start the conversation
♛ Change the world in style
Choose a topic and and get a set of press on nails:
Unintegrated shadow or promising future co-existence?
Extraterestrial Expansion
Differentiation between sincere faith and the use of religion for propaganda
We are eternal souls
Little Mermaid rolls and the plastic soup in the rot reef
Basically (and historically) we are fishes
There is no one better than me
Artificial sweet honey MetaMorphosis and the annoying ecosystem buzz
The life is like a console game, choose between Animal Crossing and GTA
True love
Will contemplating death ever make easier to bare it?
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Coping Mechanism
Quick Stimuli
Atlantis survivors